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The Mold Sniffing Dog

Buddy is a flat-coated retriever rescued from No Dog Left Behind in May of 2021 and he has been the best dog we could ever ask for. He checked all the boxes and we fell in love with his amazing personality: confident, energetic, food motivated, and a perfect family dog.

Service Area

Serving the Denver/Fort Collins, Colorado area.

We travel from Colorado to Minnesota and Wisconsin every June or July and November or December.

We will also travel across the United States if there are 10 or more homes in one area.

We’re in the news!

Lacey and Buddy were interviewed by Karen Scullin from Fox 9 News: Rescue dog becomes mold detector for owner who is sensitive to spores

My Story

A little bit about me and how I decided to get a mold dog and start a business.

Most of my life I suffered from multiple undiagnosed illnesses: migraines, body aches, congestion, brain fog, sore throat, digestion issues, fatigue. Nobody could give me answers to the cause of these symptoms. My sister, who is a functional medicine doctor, suggested I get tested for mold exposure; it came back positive. After some detoxing and mold remediation in our home, my symptoms started improving.

Shortly after this discovery we found out a mold dog from Florida was in Minnesota and could come check our home. The mold dog found several areas that needed to be remediated and some areas that just needed cleaning. I was really impressed with the efficiency of this process and how it took away a lot of the guess work on where the mold could be coming from. After talking with Bill the trainer, he mentioned he trained dogs to sniff out mold. I thought this would be a great opportunity to do something I would love. I love working with animals and I have a passion for helping others. I was a CNA for almost 10 years and a medical assistant for 4 years. I knew helping others find mold in their homes would be my next career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a mold dog?

There are many reasons why you would choose a mold dog to determine if and where mold is in your home.

  • We are Unbiased: Our cost is not based on finding mold in your home.
  • Mold Dogs are Less Expensive: Results are immediate and accurate, reducing expensive remediation costs searching for mold and verifying remediation that has already taken place.
  • Dogs are Proven and Trusted: Dogs have been used for years by police and military to search for drugs and bombs. Europe has used dogs to detect mold for decades.
  • Dogs are Honest: Mold dogs work for food and attention, not for profit.
  • Piece of Mind: Dogs can detect mold that visual and instrumental tests cannot. After Buddy searches your home you will have the most accurate understanding if there is mold in your home and, if there is, where the mold is located.
How was Buddy trained?

Buddy was trained by Bill Whitstine, Master Canine Trainer and the creator of Mold Dogs, over a three month period and for over a thousand hours. Bill Whitstine pioneered training dogs to detect arson, termites, bedbugs, and mold. Training follows the same standards and methods used to train ATF arson, bomb, and drug dogs.

Every day Buddy continues his training with his handler Lacey with yearly recertifications peformed by Bill.

How does this work?

There are three steps when Buddy visits your home:

  1. We will perform a visual inspection to learn the layout the house internally and externally. We also use this time to collect any known history about the home to understand any potential problem areas.
  2. After an initial walk through, Buddy will start his search. We will search your entire home and mark where Buddy finds mold.
  3. The final step is to go over what Buddy found and discuss what can be done.

We encourage you to watch the entire process start to finish.

Can they detect mold in the ceiling?

Absolutely! This is common concern brought up. Mold gives off particles and spores that Buddy can smell. These fall to the floor from gravity where Buddy can alert. A trained handler can then see how he points to know where the ultimate source is.

Is searching for mold safe for Buddy and Lacey?

Dogs do not smell scents the same way humans do. When a dog searches for a scent they purge the air before it enters the lungs by using the small slits on the side of their nose. These slits prevent any mold from entering Buddy’s body and causing issues.

As an extra precaution both Buddy and Lacey are seen by a holistic veterinarian and doctor for detox and protection.

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